Day Before Advent ~ Sunday  ~ November 30 ~ It’s Not My Fault!

Hope ~ Advent Week One ~ December 1-6, 2014
    Day 1  ~  Monday ~ Hope 
    Day 2  ~  Tuesday ~ Hope Is An Empty Grave 
    Day 3  ~  Wednesday ~ The Dawning of Hope 
    Day 4  ~  Thursday ~ Do Your Hear What I Hear? 
    Day 5  ~  Friday ~ Project Hope 
    Day 6  ~  Saturday ~ God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 

Peace  Advent Week Two ~ December 7-13, 2014
    Day 7  ~  Sunday ~ Silent Night 
    Day 8  ~  Monday ~ Superficial Sentimentality of the Season 
    Day 9  ~  Tuesday ~ My Christmas Prayer  
    Day 10 ~ Wednesday ~ Guilt and Peace  
    Day 11 ~ Thursday ~ The Mystery of Peace 
    Day 12 ~ Friday ~ Peace 
    Day 13 ~ Saturday ~ Heading Toward Christmas! 
Joy Advent Week Three ~ December 14-20, 2014
    Day 14 ~ Sunday ~ Peace In A Chaotic World 
    Day 15 ~ Monday ~ Joy To The World  
    Day 16 ~ Tuesday ~ I Am Tired of Christmas 
    Day 17 ~ Wednesday ~ Joy  
    Day 18 ~ Thursday ~ Come Let Us Adore Him 
    Day 19 ~ Friday ~ Great Is Our Joy 
    Day 20 ~ Saturday ~ Joy To The World 

Love ~ Advent Week Four ~ December 15-25, 2014
    Day 21 ~ Sunday ~ Love 
    Day 22 ~ Monday ~ Jesus Loves Me 
    Day 23 ~ Tuesday ~ Love 
    Day 24A ~ Wednesday ~ CHRISTMAS EVE! ~ Let’s Have Christmas! 
    Day 24B ~ Wednesday ~ My Very Favorite Christmas 
    Day 25A ~ Thursday ~ CHRISTMAS DAY! ~ Hope   
    Day 25B ~ Thursday ~ Ahhh, Christmas! 
As each Thanksgiving Day approaches, plans for Christmas gift giving begins, with the accompanying stress. Each year we struggle to discover just the right gift for each of our 30 adult children and grandchildren. I'm exhausted thinking about all the shopping, wrapping ... and the cost.

How can we express our love to each one during this special season? Maybe a gift card, or a greeting card with a check enclosed (how much?), or a book (have they read it?), a scarf (color?), a sweater (size?) ... O my! Christmas shouldn't be so stressful!

I do love Christmas! Reflecting on "the reason for the season" brings much peace and joy. And I even enjoy the commercialization of the holiday ... cheerful decorations, baking goodies, holiday crafting, Christmas music, pointsettias, holly, beautiful Christmas trees, candy canes, and, of course, the super sales. All in all, I enjoy the break in the routine from the rest of the year.  (O, but I'm so very eager to put away the decorations on New Year's Day ... enough is enough!)  

Lord, what can we give our precious family and friends this Christmas that has real meaning and value? Of course! Give them the one thing we're passionate about ... the Word of God!  They are all Believers, and they just might be blessed with a way to focus on "the reason for the season" day by day ... beginning on Sunday, November 30.
So my "crafted" Christmas gift this season is an Advent Devotional. As I formatted the pages for the booklet, I was blessed by the personal reflections and prayers, carol lyrics and daily scripture readings. Surely they will be blessed as well. And, of course, our Father will be blessed with your time spent with Him focusing on His precious Gift.

Christmas 2014 ~ Advent Devotional
Sunday, November 30 ~ Thursday, December 25
The Coming of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior

ADVENT:  A Season of Longing for His Appearing ...
JESUS is the Reason for the Season!
God's Love ... The Most Excellent Way
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